The club has a limited capacity to accept visitors and new member so it is ESSENTIAL that you book in with the club secretary and receive positive confirmation before visiting.  Unless you have competition level experience with shotgun, visitors and probationary members will only be able to shoot at Cambridge - see Shoot dates

You can view the availability of visitor spaces here. Please choose a free date, then contact the Club Secretary to book that slot or request a reserve slot on your chosen date - if you contact the Club Secretary without have confirmed that your chosen date is available, he will not be impressed!

To speed up the ‘check in’ process and save the Secretary retyping all your data, please complete the online visitor form. Alternatively it is still possible to download and complete the old version of the visitor form. The information will be used if and when you wish to apply for probationary and then full membership.

We start shooting just after 10 am and continue to mid-late afternoon, depending on time of year etc.

You need to bring ear protection and eye protection and something to eat and drink, although there is a cafeteria on site. A shotgun cartridge belt (12 gauge) is also useful.  It can be a bit wet underfoot so stout walking boots are strongly recommended.

You must also present some form of photographic ID that shows your address, a firearms or shotgun licence is ideal, failing that a driving licence.

Club ammunition is available at cost price at the range (please order in advance by informing the Club Secretary) or bring your own (bird shot only, no larger than #5, fibre wad only, lead shot only, absolutely no steel shot under any circumstances), most shooters get through between 100 and 150 rounds. You will need to pay range fees, currently £10 for visitors + £5 if you are using a club gun. 

You are permitted up to two visits before you need to decide whether to apply for membership.  At this stage you will become a Probationary Member (please complete this form), pay membership fees (£50 for the year plus a joining/rejoining fee of £50) There are no range fees.  We expect you to try to shoot with us at least 5 times within the next 12 months during which we will monitor your safety and consider you for full membership once you have completed 5 visits within a 12 month period.



Q Is it possible to shoot rifle or pistol with you?

A Yes, but only at the Cambridge range


Q Where is the range?

A Please see the Directions page


Q What will it cost for my first visit?

A Range fees for Visitors are £10, if you need to hire a club gun, that is £5, then you just need ammunition.  You can bring your own (birdshot only), or buy from us, you will probably need between 5 and 6 boxes.  The club guns are mostly 3 shot pump action shotguns.


Q What sort of cartridge should I bring?

A For your first visit, a standard 'clay' load will be fine: 28g 7.5 shot size.  We do require fibre wad.  Once you advance a bit more, you may want to up the weight to 30g or 32g for certain targets and maybe increase the shot size to 5.  We only shoot birdshot and the largest shot size permitted is 5 and no steel shot is permitted.


 Q What should I wear?

A We strongly recommend stout footwear such as walking boots. Obviously don’t wear your best trousers in case you need to kneel for some shots. Being Britain waterproofs can come in handy. Camouflage clothing is not allowed and please do not wear red tops, jackets or hats as this colour is reserved for Range Officers. We recommend that clothing is not too baggy to prevent the gun butt getting snagged.


Q What else do I need?

A Eye protection is essential and we don’t carry spares.  We do get a little bit of shot falling from the skeet ranges, so eye protection MUST be worn at all times once you walk towards our range.  Some simple clear safety glasses from the hardware store will be sufficient for your first visit.  Ear protection, basic foam ear plugs will suffice, but most people find ear defenders more comfortable.  A cartridge belt as we don’t carry spares.  Most members wear a hat, but that is personal preference.  Suncream is a good idea, even on cloudy days.  We strongly recommend that you bring some old gloves for resetting the targets.  If you are bringing your own gun, also bring a safety flag if you have one, if not, we do sell these at just above cost price.


Q How many visits can I make before I have to decide to join?

A We allow two visits, then ask you to make up your mind.


Q What will it cost if I want to join?

A Annual membership is £50 and the membership year is to the end of February.  There is a joining fee of £50.  Members do not pay range fees.  There are no refunds if you choose to leave the club.  We do offer concessionary rates for juniors (under 18) of £30.


Q What time do I need to be there and how long is the day?

A Shooting starts shortly after 10am, so visitors should aim to arrive around 10am so we can get you signed in and assigned to the full club member who will take you round for the day.  We shoot until mid afternoon or until it gets dark or we run out of ammo.  In practice, members gradually leave from about 2pm onwards.


Q How do I become a full member?

A When you join, you will become a probationary member.  To become a full member, we require you to shoot with us at least 5 times (visitor shoots and guest shoots do not count) in a rolling 12 month period, then your application for full membership will be put to the committee who will either agree to accept or reject you at that time or defer the decision, acceptance is not automatic.  A deferral is generally because committee members have not shot with you, so cannot reasonably say that you are suitable for full membership.  As such, you are advised to try to shoot with different committee members during your probationary period.  As we currently have a lot of probationary members, we are accepting recommendations from our more experience club members, so you don't have to shoot with a committee member each time.


Q But I am an experienced practical shotgun shooter, do I really have to go through all that probationary membership cycle?

A We do allow “experienced shooters” to become full members directly, but only after a committee member has assessed you on the range, which can be in a group.

To be eligible for this route, the individual should:

  1. Have a current FAC, or equivalent documentation from their Country of origin
  2. Ideally, but not mandatory, have a shotgun competition licence and have successfully (ie no DQ) completed at least 1 level 3 shotgun match in the previous two years
  3. Be given a reference from their existing club agreeing that they would be suitable for direct acceptance to full membership on the basis that:
    1. they are already a full member at their club, and;
    2. they have been fully trained in handling section 1 shotguns in a practical shotgun environment, and
    3. they are able to use section 1 shotguns safely without supervision

The final proposal must always be put to the club committee.  Any committee member can object or request a further assessment.


Q Do I need my own gun to shoot?

A No, club guns are available to hire at £5 per shoot.  If you are new to the sport, take time to ask members what they shoot and why so you can make an informed decision before you buy your own gun.  Obviously, if you have something suitable (pump or semi-auto), bring that with you.


Q Can I try another members gun to help me decide what to buy?

A Unfortunately not, our understanding of current legislation (including the 2017 update) is that it is not permitted to lend 'section 1' (FAC) shotguns even for a quick try out.  It is permitted to lend 'section 2' (3 shot, SGC) shotguns and our club guns are all in this latter category.  Do take the time to talk to existing members as they have years of experience and can advise you what to buy and, equally important, what not to buy.  Members shoot all the IPSC shotgun divisions, with semi-automatic tube magazine guns being most popular, followed by semi-automatic box magazine guns and finally pump action shotguns.


Q When can I apply for a firearms certificate?

A Strictly, that is something for you to discuss with your firearms licensing officer.  We will only be able to give a reference to support your application once you are a full member.  You will also find it beneficial (but not essential) to your application if you have completed a UKPSA Safety Course and also if you have joined the UKPSA.


Q Do you have any catering?

A The Cambridge clubhouse has a cafe.