Learner driverProbationary members must be supervised by a full club member at all club shoots.

Probationary members are required to make a minimum of 5 visits within a rolling 12 month period to be considered for full membership – it is not automatic.  Visitor sessions do not count towards the 5 required visits, but if you join at the end of a visitor session, that visit will count as you will be considered a probationary member on that day.

Probationary members can only shoot on organised club shoot days at the Cambridge range.

Probationary members should download and complete this attendance record which they should submit to the Club Secretary when they have completed their visits and wish to apply for full membership - the onus is on you to initiate this.  Probationary members are encouraged to go round with Committee members and more experienced full members whevever possible so you can be recognised and supported when you come to apply for full membership.

You will be issued with your membership card when you become a full member.


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